Customer suffering from Ncell service

(Last Updated On: May 23, 2018)

Customer suffering from Ncell service

There is some serious problem faced by Ncell user due to its services. One of its users said that” he has to face a serious problem regarding the Ncell service.”According to the user, he has bought new sim card 3 months ago, but the SIM card with the same number was already bought by someone else 9 months ago. That other person used the SIM card for certain time only and then left the number. Until six months that SIM card was unused so Ncell brought the same number again for further use without thinking about its effect. Due to this, he has to face lots of problem like receiving call and message from different unknown numbers and asking for the person who had bought the SIM with the same number nine months ago.
In his suggestion to Ncell, he said that”when someone left to run the SIM card for six months, why will you bring the same SIM card number on the market. Please at least change the code. You are founding your profit but we customer are facing problems and getting irritated.”
At the end, he asked for the quick response to his comment. In response to this problem, Ncell replied that”we are also aware of the problems you have been facing and understand the problem it is causing to people. As per Nepal Telecommunication authority, if the SIM card is not used for more than six months then we have to close the SIM card and save it for another six months for the owner of the SIM card to reissue it.”

Ncell is the first private mobile operator in the country which has been working in Nepal since 2004. It has committed to be the best local mobile network for the people living in the country. Ncell provides services of international quality with a local touch. They designed services to meet the need of the people of the local society.
Its goal is to connect the people of Nepal together through its network, providing high quality, modern and cost-effective services.

Ncell is part of the Axiata Group, one of Asia’s leading telecommunications group. Axiata operates in ten countries with 25,000 employees and serves approximately 290 million subscribers. Ncell helps in the economic development of the country.
We know that Ncell provides a number of facilities to its user. It came up with different data packs, voice packs and SMS offer which is very helpful for its users.
They added that ”if the SIM card is not reissued after another six months too then the SIM card should be reissued in the market. So we have to reissue the SIM card to follow the regulation of NTA.”
We appreciate the Ncell for the services and offers they provide but what about the problems faced by many users like him. Ncell has to take quick and positive action regarding this problem. We hope Ncell will think about this and maintain its reputation on people by solving such problem.

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