Scratch Theme & Creating Child Theme

WordPress meetups are the meetings between a group of local WordPress developers, designers, and publishers in a specified place who love and value WordPress to get together to learn from and connect with each other.

Apart from this, those who want to learn about WordPress or have an interest in WordPress can join this Meetup/Event. It is a way to build a strong WordPress community in your local area. This type of events are very useful for us and provides great support, information.

Such kind of WordPress meetups has been held for several times in Biratnagar. Recently, the WordPress Community of Biratnagar is going to organize the next WordPress Meetup on coming 30th June 2018, Saturday at the location Himalaya Darshan College of Biratnagar, Main Road.

Now talking about the detail of this meetup, the meetup will be about “PRACTICING SCRATCH THEME AND CREATING CHILD THEME”. One can bring equipment such as a laptop, pen, and paper (optional) while attending the event. The meetup starts at 11:00 AM and concludes at 2:00 PM. The event hosts are Kamal Pd. Sah, Rishav M. Thakuri, and Bicky Tamang. This event is organized to make you more familiar with developing a scratch theme and how to create a child theme of your own.

WordPress Biratnagar Community warmly welcome to all the enthusiastic learner of WordPress. Expand your knowledge more by attending this meetup.

Venue Location

Time: 11 AM – 2:00 PM