#techWebinarNepal Series – 11 is set to air on Nov 17, 2019

To connect and join on Sunday, 17 November 2019 at 6:00 PM NPT Sharply on Webinar Broadcast Link –http://tiny.cc/techWebinar

#techWebinarNepal is a free webinar series hosted by Tech enthusiasts. This time we are growing up with Staying Antagonistic to build our technological skills, Using Data Science in real-world and Deploying WebApps in Azure Infrastructure using Visual Studio with the topics in our webinar.

Here are the details of the speaker, topics and a summary of the presentation. Every month the team #techWebinarNepal searches for new expertise that sparked hundreds & thousands of students, developers who are working on real-world track schemes so that they can bestow their expertise with others.

Topic: Deploying WebApps in Azure Infrastructure using Visual Studio
Speaker: Ms. Jyoti Lamichhane
About Speaker: Backend Developer (.Net) working in Prabhavana IT with 3+ years of industry experience developing and maintaining enterprise-grade fintech & tourism-based web applications.
Summary of Presentation:
In this demo filled session, I will be talking about how to deploy an Asp.net Application in an Azure VM Infrastructure.


Topic: This is how we use data science in the real world.
Speaker: Mr. Akash Adhikari
About Speaker: [Co-founder (Nepal AI),
Research and Development (Tootle)]
Summary of Presentation:
Data science is not just a buzzword but a mandatory requirement for any (tech or non-tech) company to make better decisions backed by data. Industries ranging from food and health care to mobility and space are now using data science for all kinds of analysis and decision making. While there is not a definite path or course of action for applying data science in particular, we will look into some of the examples of how we have been using this “buzzword” in the real world to make smart decisions.


Topic: Staying Competitive.
Speaker: Mr. Justin Levine
About Speaker: Developer
Summary of Presentation:
I am just about done with a small weekend project that I developed in Angular and Ionic. The purpose I chose these techs is because I don’t know them and to challenge myself, that is, keeping up with the markets and diversifying our skills.
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