Trip for skills 2076 successfully organized by InnK in collaboration with Teach for Nepal

Trip for Skills (TFS) was jointly organized by InnK Pvt. Ltd. in collaboration with Teach for Nepal with other supporters.

The trip had a lot of new stuff for the students and distinct elements to learn. The timeline was outstanding from Mediation Programme @ TFN to Trans-cultural Psychological Organization (TPO) @ KTM, FUTSAL, MUSEUM @ Chhauni, Theatre, Email & internet @ KEC, Engineering Workshop @KEC, Kala Kusha @ KTM and many more.

The event wouldn’t have been possible without thier valuable supporters.

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The main participants were the students of Shree Chandeshwari Secondary School (Simle, Pyutar, Bagmati Rural Municipality-4, Lalitpur). The location is one of the rural parts of Nepal aiming to flow life skills and other skills usable on local resources for outstanding creative output for the students.
The idea behind the trip was started 7 months ago on March 17 when Engineer Roshan Rai and his colleague Suraj Rijal went to a small village for the session called “Engineers & Engineering” with the help of Dikesh Shrestha & Aashish Ghimire. Despite that according to Dikesh Shrestha students of that village are skillful, creative and they design, create and make things themselves. They are more interested in practical applications than theories. And the session was very fruitful for the students who aspire to be engineers, who want to solve their problems themselves by building different things. Moreover, the session handler team brought the Quadcopter and capturing the pictures of the school premises which surprised them to do the event especially for the students by looking at their enthusiasm.

What is Trip for Skills (TFS)?

Trip for Skills (TFS) is a 4 days trip of grade 9 and grade 10 students from Shree Chandeshwari Secondary School, Simle, Lalitpur. Students will learn some basic, important, and ready-to-use skills to manage their everyday lives, use locally available resources creatively and productively, and repair some electronic appliances commonly available at their homes.

What was the Aim behind the TFS:

  • To equip students with some practical skills they can learn and use immediately in their own life and community

Objectives behind TFS:

  • Students will learn some skills of Clay Art and Wood Craft to use locally available resources skilfully
  • Students will learn some important skills from Life Skills Workshop to better manage their everyday life
  • Students will learn STEAM Skills from their visit to SunsarMaya
  • Students will learn to browse the internet and receive and send e-mail
  • Students will learn to fix some home appliances from Engineering Workshop
  • Students will find motivation for their art, science, engineering, intra-/inter-personal, sport, historical, and naturalistic interests

Who were the participants?

A total of 22 students—7 boys and 15 girls—of grade 9 and grade 10, were the beneficiaries of this trip.


An organizer from InnK Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Prawesh Shrestha told us, “Incoming months we are planning to organize even bigger events than this. Though it brought us to face a lot of challenges and lead us to gain experience. We will make this trip as a series of events in different places around our country, Nepal.”