#techWebinarNepal Series-12 is Happening On 29th December

#techWebinarNepal is an online webinar series that is driven by people who have a desire for technology and who have studied the same subject. Its main aim is to provide information on how to exchange information, use tools, and techniques.
#techWebinarNepal focuses on students, software developers, programmers, team leaders, project managers and anyone who wants to learn the techniques. Scott Hanselman and Jeremai Likness are the speakers in this series.

Details of Speaker of #techWebinarNepal

Speaker Name Scott Hanselman
About Principal Community Architect for Web Platform and Tools Microsoft
Topic .NET

 Scott is a Partner Program Manager working on Open source .NET. He is working from his home in Portland, Oregon. Mr. Scott is also been podcasting every Thursday for nearly 700 episodes. Every Tuesday and Thursday, he used to write a blog for over 17 years. Scott is diabetic for over 25 years but still, he has been staying alive and connected 24 hours a day to an Open Source Artificial Pancreas.

Summary of Topic

Scott will be giving a presentation on .NET. .NET is an open-source programming language. In this presentation, you will able to get an answer to the following questions.

  • what’s been made newly possible?
  • How flexible is it and how to open it?
  • know about how big can it scale and how small can it get
  • Discuss how to reconcile .NET Core, .NET Framework, and Mono
  • Where does WebAssembly fit in?
  • What about WinForms and WPF?
  • What is Cross-platform UI?
Speaker Name Jeremy Likness
About Sr. Cloud Advocate, Developer Relations Microsoft
Topic .NET

Jeremy Likness is an internationally-selling author, keynote speaker, and professional coder. He is working with a personal mission to empower developers to be their best. He has worked on commercial enterprise software for 25 years and specializes in web technology. Jeremy is a cloud advocate for Microsoft and lives with his wife, parrot, and German Shepherd near Seattle, WA. He spends his free time running, hiking, and shooting 9-ball and one pocket.

Summary of Topic

Jeremy Likness will also present about .NET. He will discuss how to Run .NET in your Browser with no Plugins using Blazor. Blazor gives C# developers what they want. Or you can say that it is the ability to run .NET anywhere. Hence the ability to write client-side browser code with C# instead of JavaScript. It delivers this using open web standards that are supported by modern browsers, including mobile, without the need for plug-ins. Learn what Blazor is, how it works and how you can use it to build web apps.
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