Webinar on Highs and Lows of Tech Bloggers in Nepal

Tech Bloggers Forum Nepal to host “Tech Bloggers Challenges In Nepal.” Although blogging has been there since the arrival of the internet in the early’s ’90s, it actually became popular only after 2005 when in 2003, Google launched its AdSense program, and within a short period of time, every publisher (or a blogger) started getting AdSense ads into their blogs.

Comparing then and now the numbers of blogs and bloggers are entirely up in scale. Yet, bloggers are facing plenty of challenges in Nepal. Moreover, what are the opportunities that bloggers need to identify? Further, the Forum designated Tech Bloggers Forum in Nepal is endowed with the purpose to bring the bloggers and policymakers in the same index.

Speakers for this webinar:

  • Siddhant Mandal, Founder & CEO of TechPatro
  • Shreeman Bhandari, Manager of Gadget Concern
  • Niraj Bhusal, Founder of Techsathi
  • Sumi Prajapati, Content Manager of ICTByte
  • Basanta K. Dhakal, Freelancer and a Blogger

The event will be moderated by Mina Aryal, Chief Editor of ICTFRAME.

The topic of the discussion will be:

  • Scope of the Technical blogs
  • Problems of Tech bloggers in Nepal
  • Challenges in the tech industry
  • Opportunities for tech bloggers

Event Detail:

Event Name: Tech Bloggers Challenges in Nepal

Event Type: Webinar

Date: 23rd April 2020

Time: 4 PM to 5 PM

Facebook Event URL: https://www.facebook.com/events/649042745885999

Supporters of the Event:

  1. ICT Byte
  2. ICT Frame
  3. Tech Patro
  4. Gadget Concern
  5. Tech Sathi

Are you enthusiastic about technology? Are you a tech blogger? If yes, then join us to share a well-known platform and promote tech blogging in Nepal.