Android Oreo new update now shows Wi-Fi speed before connection

(Last Updated On: May 23, 2018)

Android Oreo new update now shows Wi-Fi speed before connection

After several weeks of testing and announcement in December. Google has recently announced a new ready to go feature for Android 8.1 Oreo which will help users decide which open WiFi network they should connect to. By gauging the speed of Wi-Fi networks before you connect, from January.
The new feature will display open Wi-fi network speeds in the Wi-Fi setting menu. It’s not exactly a speed test rating or exact bandwidth readings. Instead, it’s lumping the overall performance into categories that give you an idea of what to expect and make the job of deciding between networks a bit easier.
Users with 8.1 installed will see one of the four-speed labels next to open Wi-Fi networks. The Wi-Fi speed Very Fast, Fast, OK and Slow. According to Google, Very Fast networks users will be able to steam very high-quality videos while the Fast networks will stream most other videos. OK is suffice for reading sites and streaming music, while Slow is basically okay for Wi-Fi calling and text.
Bandwidth speeds won’t show up for protected Wi-Fi networks that require passwords. And admins who are sensitive about that sort of thing. Since it’s really none of your business and Google can’t randomly test them. But they do continue to indicate signal strength. This could be opt-out of having their speed displayed on Android by using a canary URL.
This version of Android is still in relatively limited supply at the moment. It supports on Google’s own phones, including the Pixel and Pixel 2, Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X.
The till now ratings of this upgrade are a bit conservative. However, you might skip that overloaded public connection instead of wasting minutes trying to visit a basic page.
If you’re switching to the Pixel 2’s Visual Core chip. Android 8.1 might be more interesting with its neat stuff and upgrades rather than it’s the main attraction of cheeseburger emoji.

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