Apple Watch To Promote Heart Month With Activity Challenge Next Week

Apple watch is a very advanced instrument that measures and capture your heart rate throughout the day. When it comes to your heart it lets you see how your heart is beating across four simple views. Walking, Running, Workout and Sleeping.
Next week Apple is going to launch new activity challenge for the person who is wearing Apple Watch. They are doing so to focus on Heart Month. Apple Watch is a highly sophisticated instrument, measuring and capturing your heart rate data throughout the day. This Heart watch lets you see quickly how your heart is doing for different types of situation.
In this challenge, for seven days you will have to close your Apple Watch’s exercise ring in a row. The seven days will start from February 8 to February 14. It fits with the heart theme and ends on Valentine’s Day. This challenge will be same as the previous activity challenge. A colorful badge in the “Achievements” tab of the Activity app, and a matching sticker within the Message to send to friends and family.
You can watch this Hearth Month challenge in your Activity app from Tuesday, February 6. This February challenge is coming as the “Ring in the New Year” challenge. It will task user with closing all three Activity rings for seven days in a row in January.
Apple is also offering a special badge, iMessage stickers for Apple Watch owners during Heart Month. Whoever completes the activity, they will get a badge and three animated iMessage stickers. The iMessage stickers pulsate, and in fact are the first animated stickers for any Activity Challenge.

Hope you are now familiar with this activity challenge. For more information comment us. Enjoy the heart month with this activity challenge by Apple.