Ask Buddie partners with Everest Hack for EVEREST HACK 2019

Ask Buddie started as a Facebook Community. Presently, the Facebook community has more than 10,000 members, and most of them are active. The members are from different parts of the country and the World. The Facebook group was named as “Tech Room Reload” in the beginning and changed to “Ask Buddie” later. Their mission is to create a large community of technology enthusiast people to provide support in less time. QnA queries are one of the popular topics in the group. Ask Buddie is based in Nepal.

Apart from helping people to solve their problem, they have an open source program, where people can contribute in different ways. If you are a developer, designer, security analyst, entrepreneur or anyone you can contribute to their program. This will fill the gap between people with different skills and encourage them to work together for better output.

Recently, Ask Buddie announced their partnership in the upcoming EVEREST HACK 2019 as an online partner. EVEREST HACK 2019, which is first ever biggest hackathon in Nepal, is organized by Everest Hack, CSIT Association of Nepal & Siris Youth Foundation. It is going to be held on July 19th to 21st, 2019 in NAMI College, Kathmandu. Everest Hackathon is a 48 hours hackathon where students, designers, entrepreneurs, hackers, and problem solvers come together in small teams to share ideas and to develop innovative solutions to the challenges presented and faced by our societies through the medium of technology. It is expected to encourage creativity and teamwork spirit, generate tech leaders, promote gender diversity, and expand hackathon culture in Nepal.

The winners and participants can win some attractive prizes: Ask-Buddi-EVEREST-HACK-2019


Talking about the sponsors, there are Platinum Sponsors, Gold Sponsors, Silver Sponsors, Bronze Sponsors, Startup Sponsors, Prize Sponsors, Supporting Sponsors, and Partners. GitHub and Devfolio are the Gold Sponsors, Embassy of Federal States Of Germany is the silver sponsor and Balsamiq®  is the Bronze sponsors of the event. There are still some rooms left for the sponsors. Please refer to this link to learn more about the sponsorship of the event.

For FAQs regarding this event, please follow this link.
To learn in detail about this event, please visit the Official Site.

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