Nepal’s First AI Expo Event: Fusemachines & Artificial Intelligence for Development (AID)

Are you curious to know about AI expo?
Are you seriously want to dive deep into the AI?

Fusemachines, one of the top AI certified company of Nepal and Artificial Intelligence for Development (AID), research and development organization focusing on bringing applied Artificial Intelligence solutions to existing community problems, are going to organize the event “AI Expo Nepal 2019 “. A joint initiation by Fusemachines and Artificial Intelligence for Development (AID) aimed to showcase the best AI projects/papers from academia and industry. This event is first of its kind in Nepal. It is going to be held on 24 August 2019 at Soaltee Crown Plaza, Kathmandu. This event mainly focuses on exposure, exhibition, and education. AI means the ability of a digital computer to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings. AI is frequently applied to the project of developing systems equipped with the learned action distinctive of humans, like as the ability to reason, discover meaning, generalize, or learn from experience.

Why visit AI expo Nepal 2019?

  • To increase and gain knowledge about AI and the use of AI.
  • To observed the different AI produced displayed in the exhibition.
  • To present your AI knowledge and skills in front of the mass of people.

AI Expo Nepal 2019 Varieties:

  • Innovative AI Projects
  • Paper Presentations
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Attractive Prizes and National Level Recognition

When we talk about AI, Dr. Sameer Maskey is the name we remember of in this event with his aim to inspire the participants to understand about AI aid them to build networks and collaborate to build AI-powered prototypes so that they can solve problems at a large scale.

AI-Expo-Nepal-Artificial-Intelligence-Development -AID

Hurry Up and Grab your chance to show up your AI skills.
Venu: Soaltee Crown Plaza Kathmandu
Date:24 Agust 2019
Registration Link: Click Here

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