Chrome will block Annoying Ads from February

(Last Updated On: May 23, 2018)

Chrome will block Annoying Ads from February

Google has decided to make Chrome even better by blocking annoying ads. Google Chrome will block annoying ads from websites from February 15, 2018.
Google will be working with the standards put in place by the affiliation for Better Ads. By doing this, Google will be able to root out bad or aggressive ads thanks to the guidelines that are put in place by the combination. If a particular ad is being reported as failing in the affiliation Ad Experience Report for over 30 days, Chrome will automatically block it.
An ad can get negative strikes against it towards that failing grade by auto-playing video, taking up the entirety of your display when you arrive at a website, and even just using regular pop-up ads.
The whole idea of ad blocking caught fire Ad Blocker first came up with the add-on to enable online users to block ads they consider interfering. FireFox browser also comes with the extension to effectively block unwanted popups, pop-under and overlay ads.

Ad blockers are an obvious problem for publishers because if people don’t see or click on ads, their sites won’t collect revenue. A February report from Page Fair said that 615 million devices now use ad blockers worldwide.
Per Google’s Developer Blog post, on February 15th Chrome will remove all ads from sites that continually violate the Better Ads Standards for more than 30 days. Affected site owners can submit their site for review after the infraction have been fixed.
While many publishers share Google’s interests in keeping the web safe for digital advertising, publishers aren’t without fear of Google’s dominance. The Coalition is described as a big tent, with Google being a founding member, but some members privately say they consider the affiliation to essentially be a front for Google.The Coalition for Better Ads, could be about to gain a lot more control over advertising.

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