Google Lens allows to copy your handwritten text and paste it to your computer

From the top, you might be curious about the news, isn’t it? Well, Google always comes with elegant features that are very helpful to the people. Like this, Google has an amazing lens Object Recognition Tool. Now it allows you to copy and paste handwritten notes to your PC, it’s just amazing.

To copy the handwritten text from your smartphone, the text should be clear enough to read. This feature is only available in the latest version of the chrome browser. Also, you need a separate Google Lens application for your android or iOS.

To activate this feature, you need to log in with the same Google account on both devices. Now you can easily get your handwritten text from a paper to your PC through a smartphone.

How does Google Lens work?

  • Open the Google Lens
  • Go to next option
  • Point the camera to the handwritten text on the paper
  • AI will highlight the text after recognizing it. Choose the highlighted text which you want
  • Selected text or copy it
  • Paste it to your phone’s app or to your PC

From the above steps, you can easily copy and paste the handwritten text to your PC from a paper.

Not only that, but you can also listen to what AI has selected from the paper with its second innovation called pronunciation function. Once the Google lens highlights your text, you can click on listen to the command to listen to how your text pronounced. For now this feature is available on Android and soon will be available on iOS.

Now you can easily understand difficult phrases and definitions with the help of Google lens. This tool will be very useful for your children in this quarantine to prepare their homework.