ICT Frame is Organizing Webinar on “Women in Tech: Career Challenges and Opportunities”

ICT Frame is an online Magazine that is about to organize a webinar on women in tech. This is the best way to utilize our time during the lockdown. As we know, still women are getting involved in the tech field. Due to this several women remain back and cannot move with modern technology.

But let me clear you that women are capable to do more and more. They can bring a huge change in the tech field with their ideas and talent. So we have to encourage them to get involved in it. We all are familiar with this critical condition caused by a coronavirus. At this time, several seminars are being conducted over the internet.

The webinar program is very useful for the people during a lockdown. By keeping the lockdown and women tech in mind, ICT Frame is organizing a webinar on the “Women in Tech: Career Challenges and Opportunities”. This webinar will be conducted in association with ICT Byte, TechPatro, Tech Blogger Forum Nepal, and Techsathi.

The program is supported by CAN Federation where Mina Aryal (Chief Editor, ICT Frame) will be the moderator.

To attend this program by tomorrow, 5th May at 2 PM. The event will run for 1 hour, from 2 PM to 3 PM. Especially girls, don’t miss this webinar, I assure you will get huge ideas for your future journey over the tech field. This will help you to solve all the issues and challenges in a tech career.


  1. Sheela Kansakar

She is a Central Executive member at CAN Federation.

  1. Dolma Sherpa

She is a coordinator at LBEF.

  1. Saru Dhakal

She is President at the Society of Economic Journalists Nepal (SEJON).

  1. Nani Maya Shakya

She is a member of the Central Committee Member (CFAN).

  1. Sarita Neumann

She is a program coordinator at Padmashree Int’l College.