Mercantile admits blunder in changes of the domain

Mercantile Communication System, recently mistakenly changed credentials of domain called, which was under eLearning Pvt. Ltd. from 6 years and freshly it was under the Center for Education and Human Resource Development. It was quite shocking for the company hosted on National Information Technology Center (NITC) server from a few days ago.

Mercantile domain department head, Thupten Bajracharya, said the domain change was due to a mistake made by his own staff. In an interview with TechPana, he said, “We are all working as a work-from-home because of the lockdown at the moment,” he said. He informed TechPana that they have rectified the weakness. He said, “Now we have returned the domain in the name of the person whose name is registered. The company apologizes for the inconvenience.”

The domain name has now been propagated. eLearning Pvt. Ltd. Managing Director Vibhor Baral expressed happiness over the return of the domain name. Yet, Mercantile hasn’t apologized publicly for the mistake. We hope Mercantile will apologize and make clear about the mistake from their side as well.

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