Microsoft Edge overtakes Firefox in total share of internet browser usage

Microsoft Edge in early April 2020 overtook its angry competitor – Mozilla Firefox – which dropped to fourth place with 7.19% of users.

This happened because Microsoft Edge is the default browser to which it comes in a “package” with a Windows 10 operating system, and as it is based on Chromium is much simpler and faster to use. Also, Edge has proved to be a true and reliable successor to an unreliable Internet Explorer who literally drove users away with his bugs.

Regardless of these figures, Google’s Chrome internet browser is by far the most popular internet browser in the world, used by 68.5% of surfers. In second place is Microsoft Edge with 7.59%, in third place is Mozilla Firefox with 7.19% according to data NetMarketShare via TNW.

Microsoft Edge, developed coded project spartan, is Microsoft’s internet browser released on April 29, 2015. This browser has been replaced by Internet Explorer.

Edge is also the default windows 10 Mobile browser and is available on Android and iOS.

Edge uses the EdgeHTML drive by which the browser is named. Unlike Internet Explorer, Edge doesn’t support ActiveX controls, but it comes with support for a variety of extensions and integrates with other Microsoft products, such as Cortana and OneDrive.