Microsoft’s New ‘Canetroller’ Brings VR To The Visually Impaired

Canetroller is developed by Microsoft. It works with the HTC Vive headset and tracker.
Microsoft recently developed a haptic controller for VR with an unusual target audience in mind: the visually impaired. The goal to develop the device is to let the visually challenged people create an accurate mental map of a virtual space.
As we all know that VR is a great and immersive way for your visualization. But  Microsoft brings a new idea into a canetroller so that visually impaired people can also interact with VR.  So we can say that it is a good idea for the shake of visually challenged people.
Visually Impaired people commonly use a white cane, a long stick. This new canetroller brings awesome change in this traditional experience. The device converts their touchable environment into virtual reality environment.

The device uses vibrations and sound to help and reduce problem regarding visualization. Use of VR brings a different experience. Like you can see what death is like, or become a stormtrooper from Star Wars in a game where you can feel and smell an alien planet.
Though it is awesome to use, it also has some limitations. At the solid objects, the echo of the sound is off. So the device is a little bit imperfect by real-world standards. But in the indoor, the device is great. It is able to work perfectly.
According to an orientation and mobility instructor working with Microsoft, it is a particularly useful tool. We can use Canetroller with students who might be nervous about crossing a particularly busy street.
This project promise particularly in helping to individuals with visual impairments learn to travel confidently through various environments.

 So it will be interesting to see what potential the canetroller may have as it is refined further.