Ncell is Planning for the “Vehicle Tracking System” Using GPS

Ncell Pvt. Ltd is the first private mobile operator company in Nepal. It always aims to be the best local mobile network for the people living in the country. Ncell is able to provide all types of national and international quality of networking service with a local touch.

Ncell always tries to connect everyone through its network with a high quality of service. Every time, Ncell is launches services that are cost-effective and for the shake of its user. Similarly, Ncell is now going to launch the vehicle “Tracking System Using” GPS.

Now Ncell will able to track the vehicle near you with its GPS system. Ncell is planning for this for expanding its mobile services to enterprise service. According to Sushil Bista, branch manager at Enterprise Sales for Ncell,” the company is about to launch such a service to help industrialists who have invested heavily in transportation services in Nepal.”

As per Mr. Bista, Ncell is now going to launch its idea which will be very helpful for industrialists as well as for personal purposes.

How does the Tracking system work?

The Ncell tracking system will assist you in locating the vehicle area and its condition. It will be very helpful for tracking your vehicle in case if it is stolen. With this system, you can track your vehicle condition quickly and easily.

This idea of a vehicle tracking system was introduced in a foreign country in very early days. With the same concept, now Ncell is going to launch its “vehicle Tracking System”. This is really a great step to move one step forward towards the development.

Not only that but also this tracking system will track your vehicle whether it is at work or not? when and where it will arrive? and many more activities.

Well, the cost for its formation is high, that is why it has not arrived yet. But soon Ncell promises to launch its “Vehicle Tracking System”. And we hope it will bring a great revolution in the networking field.