Viber is Offering Interesting Gift for its Customer on its 9th Birthday

Viber is a medium to connect people worldwide. It is a useful app for connecting people with calls and messages. Viber is a secured app to get connected with your loved ones. It has more than a billion users worldwide who are believing its services and enjoying its high quality of audio and video calls. Its data is secured as it is protected by encryption code for giving you a secure conversation.

This trustful app “Viber” was introduced 9 years ago by four friends. Their main aim is to keep the people connected without investing any phone bills. So with the completion of 9 years, Viber is celebrating its 9th birthday and offering exciting gifts to its user.

Viber is known as one of the secure messaging and calling app with a top privacy setting. On this precious occasion, Viber is offering free coupons, special discounts, and vouchers for partners, unlocking fun sticker packs.

Anyone who is using Viber can participate in this offer. And everyone will get a surprise gift.

How to get a gift?

To get a gift from Viber you have to spin the wheel, and you get whichever gift the arrow lands on. Isn’t it simple and exciting? The interesting part is you can get an opportunity to have more gifts. For this, you have to invite your 3 friends. With this, you will get a chance to spin the wheel again and can win again.


Gifts and Sponsor

Viber collaborates with 35 partners around the world and creates 43 unique offers. Its total gift costs around 35 million U.S. dollars. Besides this, Viber is also offering coupons for Viber Out. Regarding this offer, you can make a call to anyone you like in the world and make them happy. Such people can be the one who is using Viber or may not be using it. It is a great way to connect people. And also you can get your favorite sticker as a gift like LegCat, Lola, and others.

So don’t miss the chance and hurry up to spin the wheel so you can get exciting prizes.