NTA’s Online Registration Of Mobile Phone IMEI

NTA, the telecom regulator of Nepal has started online registration of mobile phones. Although they had set to stop illegal phones from operating from last year, they have started this registration online now. The IMEI registration would also help to discourage the grey phone market in the country.
NTA mentioned that it is also encouraging importing mobile phones via the official channel, i.e. legally.
Although it is already illegal to sell and promote the grey phones in the market, there is still 10 percent of such grey phones in Nepal. And it is also very easily available in the market, that the shops fell without any fear. Now that the regulator has started this IMEI registration, they will make the illegal phones not operational to the mobile network in Nepal. It will take some time to stop those mobile phones working with Nepali telecom operators. NTA is using the third party to handle the database system with that of telcos like Ntc, Ncell, Smart cell.
NTA had made IMEI registration compulsory in April 2016. It had even said that the phones with unregistered IMEI numbers would become dysfunctional from April 1, 2017. However, citing various reasons, the government-owned telecommunication company chose not to take the action.

How to register your mobile phones IMEI?

If you are a new mobile phone importer or individual, you can register your phones by going to NTA’s portal. Here are the steps to register IMEI phones online in Nepal.

  • Visit NTA portal.
  • Press Sign up for the login or register.
  • Click either the New importer or Individual application.
  • Click New register to put your phones IMEI with all the details like Brand name, mobile number, IMEI/ ESN / MEID number, Name, address, identification ( Citizenship or ID card or passport).
  • Upload the identification ID photo (should be less than 3 MB)
  • You also need to put your contact number or email.
  • Then you are done with it.

Advantages of IMEI registration

  • Online registration makes the mobile companies or authorized ones to do it easily and without any hassle.
  • Individuals can register for their phones easily.
  • Individuals can also track or block their phones through IMEI, ESN or MEID if it is lost.
  • Grey market phones will go down, which encourages more official channels.
  • Mobile payments will be secure with the identification database of each owner.