Province 2 CM Lalbabu Raut Facebook pages got hacked

Dec 4, LAHAN: Mohammad Lalbabu Raut Gaddhi ordinarily known as (Lalbabu Raut) Facebook pages got hacked earlier this morning around 9:30 AM, Friday. According to Aatish Mishra, two of the pages got hacked during the occurrence one is titled CM Lalbabu Raut where an unknown link has been shared on that Facebook page plus the profile picture of that Facebook page is modified. And added one is Chief Minister Communication Secretariat Province 2 whose page name has been changed to the Chinese language. In the Chinese language, it is written as Sports Girl.

Little information about Raut, he is the first Chief Minister of Province 2, Nepal. He is the parliamentary party leader of the Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal for Province 2. He is the first Madheshi origin Nepali Musalman leader of Nepal to become the Chief Minister. 

Promptly after the hack, the CM’s Secretariat apprised the Cyber Crime Bureau under the Nepal Police about the occurrence. The secretariat also requested the people to neglect any new posts made on the page as they were not appearing from credible sources.