QuantumHack: New beginning of a VIRTUAL Hackathon

QuantumHack a new beginning of a Hackathon in Nepal is going to organize Nepal’s first VIRTUAL Hackathon event in collaboration with NxtGen.

The organizers mentioned that it would be Nepal’s biggest student-run college hackathons. Their strategy to sort out a hackathon to permit a huge gathering of pioneers to team up and take care of true issues in a moderately brief timeframe. It will address the need for uniting enterprises and trailblazers to team up for a shared advantage. 

QuantumHack will have around 240 members from all around the globe. On July 31-August 1, 2020, this 24-hour, full steam ahead occasion will provoke members to learn, consider new ideas, and push the cutoff points on what they can fabricate utilizing innovation. This will be the absolute first endeavour in Nepal to sort out a virtual hackathon. It will permit understudies to contend in the comfort of their homes during this pandemic.


1. Disaster Management and Preparedness: Ready For The Next Disaster 

The recent pandemic crisis has shown that we must improve our weaknesses to be ready for the next disaster. This is why we have selected ‘Disaster Management and Preparedness’ as one of the themes for QuantumHack. 

2. Fintech: Modern Financial Services For Everyone

The business world is very competitive and modern financial services are essential to every individual and business. Fintech has been able to provide such services to people who had very limited access. To improve upon this, we have selected ‘Fintech’ as one of our themes.

3. Education: Improving Upon Traditional Methods

The recent pandemic crisis has shown that we must improve upon our traditional methods to ensure that educational services are not disrupted by such crises. ‘Education’ is one of our most essential themes for ‘QuantumHack’ as we must be well prepared to continue learning and teaching when the next disaster occurs.

4. Health: Impacting Life and Death

The recent pandemic crisis has disturbed some of the most advanced health services in the world and exposed the weaknesses in healthcare delivery practices. There is a huge room for improvement in healthcare. This is why ‘Health’ is one of the most exciting themes for ‘QuantumHack’.

5. Entertainment: The Promising Industry

Entertainment’ is an attractive segment for every hackathon. QuantumHack allows our participants to get creative in building entertainment applications like games and immersive technologies (AR, VR) applications. The entertainment industry is changing with the rise of immersive technologies and we want our participants to get aboard early and learn from the best.

6. Open: Stretch Your Imaginations

The open segment of QuantumHack allows our participants to develop any technologies or software that can combat challenges in our community and the world. This is the segment that is not confined to a specific problem domain.

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