Smart Driving License is accepted from 29 July

The Department of Transport Management(DoTM) has decided to start accepting applications of smart driving license from this 29th July, Sunday. Previously, it has stopped accepting the applications from mid-June.
Mr. Tulsi Ram Aryal, who is the spoke person of the driving license issuing process, had already tried to restart this process from 17th July but it was not successful because of some technical difficulties.

Though the office had opted to focus on the retrial and revenue calculation and management of the fiscal year 2017-18 during a month-long period, the driving license issuing process had been blocked from mid-June to mid-July.
As per Aryal, the work regarding the last fiscal has already been completed and the office can continue its work. He also conveyed that the smart licenses will be issued on time when the smart license printing machine starts operating soon. Talking about the applications that were submitted a month-long break had been discarded. However, Aryal said that those previous applications will be given priority now.

Let’s hope that this time there will not be any problem with the smart driving license because “Smart is an art of showing or being not only the bunch of letters”.