Top 8 Important Features in iOS 14

Apple launches iOS 14, its latest version software for iPhone. Since it is the latest one, it comes with several amazing features that you need to try out.

With its new features, it brings the largest home screen to iOS along with the powerful iPS 14 performance. So let have a look at some of the important features in iOS 14.

Multiple sizes of home screen widgets

The new system of iOS 14 comes with amazing Home Screen widgets. And all those come in various sizes. You are allowed to these widgets to the home screen to present with your application. To add and customize these widgets, you can go for its new “widget library”. Also, it comes with a new “Smart Overlay” widget to displays related apps.

New view

With the new features, Siri provides a new view. Within its new view, you can see the animated Siri icon at the bottom. And for this, it only covers a few areas. Also, now Siri can send audio messages along with command messages.

System-wide picture-in-picture mode

Likewise, iOS 14 adds a system-wide picture-in-picture function to iOS videos. Now the recorded videos hover over the application can be resized and folded to the side of the screen.

App resource library

Within this iOS 14, Apple comes with a new “App Resource Library” view. It organizes applications into new groups and lists automatically. Now iOS users can easily hide applications on their home screen. It is quite similar to the Android application but comes with additional smart grouping features. Here you can extract all Apple Arcade games in batches automatically.

Translation app

Similarly, iOS 14 launches with advanced translation applications. It is the same as Google Translate where users will be able to enter text or instruction messages and translate them into 11 languages. iOS 14 software supports translation for English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Portuguese, and Russian.

Small windows

Now, none of your woks will interrupt your incoming call window. iOS 14 does not open in full screen and shows a small pop-up window at the top of the screen. There you will get an option to accept a call or reject it.

Short message feature

Another interesting feature is its short message system. In iOS 14, users can pin their important contacts and conversations at the top of the “message” app. With this, you can easily talk to your loved ones or group chats. This new software also adds new threaded conversations in group chats mentioning notifications to chat with specific people.

Apple maps

iOS 14 designed with better map suggestions for new locations.  It uses new curated guides from companies like Zagat or AllTrails as its reference. Now Bike users can also get map support with iOS 14. It will provide a special guide for cycling, which notify about altitude, bike lanes, stairs, and roads. Bike support will be launched in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, Shanghai, and Beijing. Similarly, the company has partnered with BMW and Ford, although no specific car models have been announced yet.


Hence this is all about the top 8 iOS 14 features you need to try out. But it is not limited to this, iOS comes with many more new features for Apple users. Some features are similar to Android as well as comes from third-party apps. So try these features and get a new amazing experience. Feel free to send your queries. Stay connected to get more updates about it.

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