The rise of Vertical videos and its Future

In the present day context, video content on the internet is rapidly increasing to gain popularity. It is also being predicted that by 2022, 82% of all internet traffic will be due to video content. It is also predicted that video content will dominate Facebook by 2021 and even Mark Zuckerberg believes videos as the future of Facebook. YouTube, being the second most popular web platform on the internet just after Google, has 1.9 billion users watching videos every single day.

Videos were originally introduced as a cinema in theatres. Making a video and movies were very costly then. With the invention of the latest technologies in cameras and other gadgets, Making a video has become everyone’s hobby in today’s world. And the Internet is becoming the platform to showcase creativity through videos.

We can see two types of videos on the internet these days, they are horizontal videos and vertical videos. Horizontal videos were originally designed for big screens and are usually preferred over vertical videos by cinematographers and filmmakers. Vertical videos alike are a newly introduced type of video with the emergence of social media platforms and mobile devices and are rapidly gaining popularity over horizontal videos.

In this article, we are going to analyze five points in favor of vertical videos that make it a powerful and valuable marketing tool for digital marketing campaigns in the future.

  • Smartphone Popularity

The market data shows that approx. 1.56 billion smartphones were sold to users in 2018 alone. It has been around a decade that smartphones have transformed our lifestyle. In order to complete our day to day online activities like posting updates, checking emails, and watching videos, we are slowly shifting from desktop to mobile phones. In fact, CISCO had a global prediction that mobile data traffic will increase sevenfold between 2016 and 2021.

The number of people watching videos on their smartphones on the internet has been increasing rapidly every day. The mobile video consumption has been rising by 100% every year, and 75% of all the videos played on the internet are being watched on mobile devices. 

So, becoming aware of the trends and situations, vertical video marketing methods are suitable to target mobile-oriented audiences.

  • Lazy Audiences

Most of the audiences on the internet are Millennials. Even the baby boomers and Generation X who prefer to watch T.V. also watch video on the Internet at least once every month. The survey has shown that 94% of the audiences watching videos on their smartphones and mobile devices use their phone vertically. Even though long videos and movies are preferred to be watched horizontally, most audiences are categorized as too lazy to turn their phone sideways.

Since video marketing is a part of the short videos category and is known popularly as typical short-form video marketing, it is better to optimize them as mobile phone oriented vertical video. This method of approach will target more audiences.  

  • Better Engaging Rate

Audiences engage in a vertical video for a longer duration and most possibly complete the total video. MediaBrix is an advertising platform in mobile devices whose survey has shown that vertical advertising videos have a 90% higher completion rate in comparison to horizontal videos.

If audiences spend a long time watching your video, they might end up liking it and even share it with their friends. They might even visit your website to know more about the video. So, In order to make these videos more engaging vertical videos might be suited for marketing campaigns.

  • Social Media Adapters

Social media like Facebook and Twitter who started as a website in social networks are slowly adapting towards the smartphone application. Facebook started messenger as a phone, video call, and messaging application suitable for mobile devices. Facebook also introduced a story version in the application and recently adopted it on the website which has vertical video features only.

Other applications such as Instagram and Snapchat also use these similar versions of vertical video supporting formats. Instagram recently released an IGTV feature in its application that also is similar to youtube features of Vertical videos.

In order to adapt to these audience favorite features in social media platforms, the video content is also transforming itself from horizontal formats to vertical formats. So, marketing videos of vertical formats are likely to grab more audiences and their attention.

  • YouTube Optimization 

Originally YouTube only supported horizontal videos. Uploading vertical videos was not possible in the beginning. Once the popularity of vertical videos started emerging in social media and the Internet, YouTube also optimized and enhanced its features to support vertical videos.

The fact that YouTube being the second popular website on the Internet also inclined towards the vertical video formats suggests that the possibility of vertical videos in future marketing is higher.

Even though traditional blog posting and portfolio designs are still at good progress, the same platforms could also be slowly adapting towards vertical videos because it is easily available through handy gadgets and mediums plus it opens more opportunities to showcase various types of different content.

A product explainer vertical video might be the best choice if you want to reach the audiences on Social media platforms. The vertical videos can be hooked up as Ads in mobile applications through digital advertising agencies. Live videos on mobile phones are also starting to emerge in the form of vertical videos. The trending sneak peeks and behind the scenes footage have also become popular that are shot in vertical formats.

Vertical videos on the Internet have become very popular and widely accepted all over the world. Due to its popularity and depending upon the data and statistics, It is undeniably going to take over marketing contents in the coming few years.

Now that you know about vertical videos, are you ready to use them for Your Brand? 

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