Twitter Will Delete The Inactive Account From December 11

(Last Updated On: December 3, 2019)

The Twitter social networking site where people communicate in short messages called tweets. Recently Twitter declared that it is going to free up the accounts which are inactive for 6 months. Nowadays several old accounts are hacked because of the security risk. As the user is not updating and using their account, there is a huge chance of hacking. So to reduce such hacking risk, Twitter makes a decision to delete such inactive accounts.

Due to this, Twitter is sending emails to each inactive accounts to sign in by December 11. Otherwise, the user may lose their account. But this decision tends to several criticisms which the query that people who have died over the past decade will be removed with no way of saving their Twitter legacies.

All those accounts which are the sign-in for 6 months will get an email alert. So if you want to protect your older account hurry up and sign in before December 11. Twitter Promises to serve the public conversation that’s why it is cleaning inactive account which will provide accurate information that people expecting from Twitter.

One of the spokesmen of Twitter said that this effort will encourage people to become active on the network and use Twitter regularly after opening an account on Twitter.

Several people are criticizing this decision. Elaine O’Neill lost her partner and now worried about her partner’s memories stored into his Twitter account as the account was not sign-in after his death. Twitter account of our friends, family members, partners is very valuable who we’ve loved and lost. But the sad news is we are not going to see those memories anymore on Twitter.

Way to preserve the memories of our loved ones

After knowing about such issues and memories, Twitter is thinking about its alternative plan for introducing memorialization for accounts. Jason Scott, an archivist at the Internet Archive trying to make an effort for saving such accounts. With this, users can fill-up the form and able to protect the memories of their loved ones in the digital world.

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