DC Summit Nepal: Turning Vision Into Reality

Data Center Summit 2019 Nepal is the global corporate event that will be organized by the committee members of NDCS. The event will be held for one day and is designed to bring in the awareness about Data Center & its need for business perspectives. This event is going to be the first event in Nepal in which all the OEMs & Global Associations will be invited to be part of the same. The OEMs & Global Associations who are into the Data Center industry will get to interact with the customers based in Nepal. Moreover, they will be able to see the opportunities in the very event. The event is being designed in a way in which the customers from different verticals (Government, Banks, Insurance, Hospitalities, Industries, Universities, those have a need for Data Center will be visiting. There is a high probability for the range of customers to visit the event as it is going to be kicked off for the first time in Nepal. NDCS has its aim to continue this kind of event once in every two years

Objectives of the Event

The major objectives to organize this event ‘Data Center Summit 2019 Nepal’ are to educate the people here in Nepal and letting the international OEMs & Global Associations have the opportunities in a common place. Besides, there are other few objectives to list out as below:

  • The demand for Data Center solutions is getting higher day by day.
  • Many institutions and organizations will have their own Data Center as N-DC at their premises in a year or two.
  • There are professionals in this field of Data Center and are countable.
  • Need for mitigating the manipulations & random deployments of Data Center solutions.
  • Provide customers with various options for Data Center solutions as they will get to know that there are many other OEMs that exist and can provide better solutions.
  • Growth opportunity with further business in the territory of Nepal for both OEMs & Global Associations.
  • Awareness of standards, best practices & certifications of Data Centers.

The speakers for the event are:

  • Dr. Anand Singh
    Ph.D., Cloud Computing
  • Priyank Verma
    Product Manager, NetZoom, Inc.
  • Siddharth Jain
    Managing Director, EPI India
  • Deepak Singh Thakur
    Head of Business – India SAARC Communication Information Solutions Business Unit
  • NK Singh
    Senior Business Development Director of Uptime Institute based out of Delhi NCR and responsible for complete business of Uptime Institute in India & Neighbouring Countries.
  • Alfred Victor
    Alfred is the Senior Application Engineer for StarLine flexible power distribution solutions designed and manufactured by Universal Electric Corporation and leads all Technical

Date and Venue:
June 27th, 2019
Soaltee Crown Plaza Hotel
Kathmandu, Nepal

Please follow this link to register for the event.

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