ASUS ROG 2 launching on July 23, What can we expect?

ASUS is a quite popular name among gamers. While few companies make “Gaming” phones, ASUS looks ready to dominate the Mobile Gaming World by making one more addition to its Mobile Gaming Series ROG. The company entered the Mobile Gaming Market last year by launching the first generation of the ROG Gaming smartphone.

According to rumors, the company is planning to unveil the ASUS ROG 2 next month in an event in China. Additional rumors suggest that 400,000 eSports players will be present during the showcase of the phone at ChinaJoy 2019. Although the company has not released any types of official details about the smartphone, we can expect it to be fully power packed with an incredible sound and display.

Since it is a “Gaming” phone, we can expect it to have the latest Snapdragon 855 chipset. The ROG phone had a 90Hz display, and also OnePlus 7 pro was recently launched with a 90Hz refresh rate. Considering the situation, we can expect the display to have a 120Hz refresh rate. To power up these specs, we can expect a 5000mAh battery and a liquid cooling system to keep it cool. We can expect the pricing to start from around $635 for the base variant.

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