Facebook Messenger Will Now Warn About Potential Scammers

Facebook is like our personal diary where we have stored several memories of our life. Its posts and messages remind us about our past days. Not only the public posts but also several secrets are saved in it. But what if someone leaks all those information or uses it for a negative purpose.

You might be hearing about hacking day by day. Scammers misused your profile which may harm you and leak your privacy. By keeping all these things in mind, Facebook Messenger introduces new features to protect its users from scammers.

Jay Sullivan, Product Safety Manager at Facebook said, “Too often people chat with someone online they think they know when they are scammers”. Normally we cannot be able to identify such profiles and its consequences can be difficult and expensive.

Importance of Facebook Messenger new features

These new features in Facebook Messenger are really effective and useful. It helps you out in many ways like:

  • Protect the user from scammers who are targeted at social media
  • Send alert message whenever you exchange with malicious people
  • Preserves the confidentially of messages

You might be worried about your privacy regarding this new feature. But let be clear you, you are totally safe and none of your privacy going to be leaked. This new feature will just send you an alert message whenever any scammer came in contact with your profile.

Facebook will soon activate end-to-end encryption. It is already available through secret conversations. Later Mr. Sullivan also added,” to prepare for end-to-end encryption, we are investing in tools like this one, which protects people’s privacy without reading messages.”

Facebook’s new features are really amazing. It may help millions of users from a scammer and reduce the chance of dangerous interaction and scams.

How to get this feature?

This new feature uses a system of metadata analysis and behavioral models which is based on AI as well as machine learning. The features are available on the Android version already since March and soon arriving on iOS.

I hope this new feature of Facebook messenger reduces the scams and protect the privacy of its users.

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