Prof. Dr. Subarna Shakya has been elected as a new President of CSRI Nepal

The Center for Cyber Security and Research Innovation (CSRI) is a part of the cybersecurity Research Program. It mainly focuses on the issues of cybersecurity and creates an innovative solution for it. CSRI plays an important role in raising awareness regarding cybersecurity. Its main aim is to mentor and develop the future generation of cybersecurity professionals.

CSRI has conducted its first-ever meeting through video conference on May 16 on Zoom. This happens due to the effects of coronavirus because safety is the first priority. Such type of general meeting is totally unique which will be memorable in the history of CSRI. Through that meeting, the new president of CSRI has been selected. And the newly elected president is respected by Prof. Dr. Subarna Shakya.  

Guests of Webinar Meeting of CSRI

CSRI’s first Annual General Meeting (AGM) was conducted on the presence of chief guest Mr. Prem Sharan Shrestha, Deputy General of Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Nepal. Likewise, other guests of this online webinar of CSRI was Nawaraj Kunwar (President of Federation of Computer Association of Nepal), Er. Binod Dhakal (Chairman of ICT Development Committee of FNCCI), Biplav Man Singh (Former Present of CAN Federation), Baburam Aryal, Kumar Pudasainee, Ram Krishna Pariyar, and Vivek Shumsher Rana (advisor of CSRI Nepal).

Along with Prof. Dr. Subarna Shakya several new members have been elected for the new committee. Here have a look towards the name list of new team members:

New Executive Committee of CSRI

  1. Dr. Subarna Shakya (President)
  2. Chiranjibi Adhikari (Immediate Past President)
  3. Pawan Kumar Sharma (Vice President)
  4. Milan Raj Nepali (Vice President)
  5. Roja Kiran Basukala (Vice President)
  6. Shaligram Parajuli (General Secretary)
  7. Suman Thapaliya (Secretary)
  8. Pramod Parajuli (Treasure)
  9. RK Dahal (Executive Member)
  10. Shila Karki Kansakar (Executive Member)
  11. Sarala Karki (Executive Member)
  12. Ganga Bhandari (Executive Member)
  13. Reg Bahadur Bhandari (Executive Member)
  14. Bhim Dhwoj Shrestha (Executive Member)
  15. Tej Prasad Dhamala (Executive Member)
  16. Abhash Adhikari (Executive Member)

After elected as a post of new President of CSRI, Prof. Dr. Subarna Shakya thanks to all and presented some of his plans for the committee.

What are the further plans of Prof. Dr. Subarna Shakya?

Prof. Dr. Shakya discussed several plans where he mainly focuses on the formation of the IT Security Council Formation. And other to promote the cybersecurity awareness program from the lower level to a high level. He promises to play an ideal role and works for the shake of the people during his presidency.

He also makes some additional plans like:

  • Promoting security among ICT sectors
  • Maintain the technological knowledge and experience
  • Develops skills in Nepal for the support of cybersecurity objectivities
  • Conduct regular training, a workshop on cybersecurity, and others

Like this, Mr. President has discussed several plans to secure the future of cybersecurity in Nepal. We hope he will do his work with his full effort. Congratulation to Prof. Dr. Shakya for the post of President of CSRI and other newly elected executive members. Let’s hope they all follow their responsibility and make us feel proud.