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QuikrFood (Biratnagar) is a food delivery company that started its operations on 12th September 2019 with a handful of no more than 10 employees. They much loved for their middle name & logo to be simple, bold, and memorable. Having had a new belief in delivering rations online in Biratnagar, it was undeniably a challenging process. But as it is said, the danger is one of the nearly everyone principal factors period first business, and they were every one of agreeable to swallow that risk. The intact suspicion behind this idea was to primarily improve the lifestyle of group living wage in Biratnagar within stages creating employment opportunities and boosting the early person license of our city.

In the early period of the QuikrFood (Biratnagar) journey, they were bright to satisfy 5 restaurants to partner up with them. Next to that, it was central for them to find out hope between the restaurants and their approached partners. The startup company qualified their deliverance partners in a sense someplace reliance was positively gained. The company journey at the outset was overflowing with unique kinds of hurdles, but not a bit of them bunged them from liability their employment and burden it right. With time, after two months the startup productively had 15 restaurants as partners. The company became beneficial for the restaurants in conditions of greater than ever their reach, merit to exceedingly helpful employees. The company knew that a firm may possibly merely operate as likely if their marketing is ended acceptably and if the fix consultation is targeted. The food delivery service promoted their business on community media as a foodstuff Network, even as the next clean strategies of every time existence at hand for customers with deep-seated and relatable content.

Recently, during the COVID-19 pandemic QuikrFood introduces ‘QuikrMart’. You can order home essentials, groceries delivered at your doorstep during pandemic which helped many people not coming out from home unnecessarily.

For interactions & conversations the firm primarily second-hand Facebook & Instagram to scope further people. They functionally adopted the next strategies for offline marketing as they have stated:

•We were one of the sponsors of the Birat Music Festival in October 2019.
•We frozen up a stall at the main shopping mall on New Year’s Eve, 2019 everyplace we had across 3000 entries.
•We settle on up a stall at Birat Expo in February 2020 everywhere we unfilled giveaways for the visitors.

The startup in stages managed to get the largest part of the restaurants in the town i.e. around 40 benefits as their partners. They have concluded 10,000 commands on 31st January 2020 and finished 20,000 information on 31st June 2020 which was an objective for the company, achieved as a team. The company furthermore, advertise themselves by collaborating with influencers, widely held hashtags, public media campaigns, and promotional videos.

The lockdown happening on March 23rd, 2020 and that’s while we on track delivering provisions online. The firm didn’t breather their military for similar a day as they charged the customers and their comfort. The customers receive all the time been their basic priority and ambition to every time be functional during central occasions whether it is Dashain, Tihar, or any other festival, they are, they were and they will forever and a day be at your service. Subsequently far, they’ve achieved over 18 million sales, 25000 advantageous instructions with other than 15000 customers in a year. The company hence gratifying to both and all who has been a job of our journey and glare send on to operate with customers for scores of extra talented days to come. It’s tough to achieve such a target outside the valley as we have seen many startups operating outside the valley facing problems with their startup. The right vision, target, and core values make it all happening.

Here’s a small giveaway from QuikrFood!

Let’s celebrate their friendship today, a fortunate Anniversary to them.

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