Nepal Telecom preparing for 4G LTE expansion Before Dashain

Nepal Telecom preparing for 4G LTE expansion before Dashain

Ntc has started their up-gradation work for launching 4G LTE service over the country. Nepal Telecom is going to launch the 4G LTE network in several areas before the Dashain Festival. this service will be available around 20 to 25 cities.

Nepal Telecom is very excited about preparing this event and making it a successful event.

Ntc has initiated the up-gradation works to launch 4G LTE service in the country, on Saturday. Issuing a public Notice, Ntc says they are going to perform the up-gradation work in their system. Ntc informs of possible mobile network issue during the up-gradation work.

Ntc requests people not to panic during the up-gradation work. If you witness any issue in your mobile, then you need to switch off your phone off and again put it on. NTC also apologizes for the possible problem during the up-gradation works. Read all the latest news about Nepal Telecom.

According to the notice, the system up-gradation work will happen on Bhadra 21, from 11:30 pm. It seems like the up-gradation work is for the preparation to launch 4G LTE network throughout the country.