Smartphone Disinfection: The best way to clean your phone

The mobile phones we use every day are a collection of delicate bacteria, with up to 600 species of bacteria that are so large because we’ve been catching up all day long. Our hands or tables are exposing to our phones, with a large number of pathogens that we can’t see, and even in the spread of the deadly coronavirus. We have a way to clean up our mobile phones and tech devices in a simple way.


  1. Prepare 75% or more alcohol, clean water, small spray bottles, microfiber or new fabrics, and Cotton Bud.
  2. 75% or more alcohol and clean water poured into the prepared spray bottle, in the same amount. 1:1 ratio, then shake well.
  3. Spray onto the prepared microfiber or clean cloth. It is not recommended to inject directly into the screen or smartphone. Wipe it all over the smartphone (it is recommended to remove the case first, then clean the case).
  4. In small nooks such as headphone holes, charging channels, buttons, use Cotton Bud to clean.
  5. Then use a clean cloth, wipe another round, wait for about 15 minutes to dry.

The spread of the COVID-19 virus in many countries, including China, the USA, Italy, Spain, Iran, India, as well as Nepal, and several other states, is increasing rapidly. The Ministry of Health and Population of Nepal advised people to cope and protect themselves from this virus, such as wearing a mask when they went out of the housing facility, avoid meeting a lot of people, wash their hands frequently, stay at home.

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