Tim Cook says iPhone SE can surpass any Android Phone

Apple recently launched the iPhone SE and Tim Cook, the company’s CEO is assured of the device’s performance in the market. According to the executive, the smartphone is “faster than any Android phone” and should help the company to gain space against the competing operating system.

According to the executive, the iPhone SE has important features of the iPhone 11, such as the main camera and A13 Bionic processor, in a lean and inexpensive format. Thanks to this, the device has a price that can be more attractive to the public that buys Android phones.

iPhone SE 2020

“I expect a reasonable number of people to migrate to iOS. It is an unbelievable offer”, explains the executive, in a statement shared by 9to5Mac. “It is the engine of our main phones in a very affordable package, and it is faster than the most powerful Android phones.”

According to Apple, the smartphone has been positively received in the markets where it is already available and should be successful with people with “low and medium incomes”. According to Cook, the iPhone SE represents the company’s philosophy of delivering a “quality product at an affordable price.”

The iPhone SE comes in three different colors Black, White, and Red. The 64 GB costs around the US $399, 128 GB costs $449 and 256 GB costs $549 with 3GB Ram and the latest Apple’s A13 Bionic processor.

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