Choosing The Right Guns To Ace Call of Duty Modern Warfare

So you’re playing Call of Duty on your PC and enjoying it battling out with other opponents. When you’re serious about winning in this game, having knowledge about weapons is important for your survival as well as your winning. Just as selecting the wrong weapon can be a big disadvantage to your game, not selecting the right weapons can become a losing point. In fact, one of the biggest reasons that become a hindrance to a player’s win is poor knowledge about weapons.

There are a variety of guns offered in Call of Duty, you can become confused easily. If you’re wondering which weapons will be best for you to use in Call of Duty, then this post will give you insights on it.


Considered as one of the best assault guns, M4A1 is available to unlock even from level 1. In fact, it has what it takes to kill the enemy with accuracy. M4A1 stands tall when it comes to offering the highest fire and damage rate. On top of it, it has low recoil. This gun also works well to aim at opponents standing at longer distances. Apart from this, using this gun is also easy.


Unlocked at level 54, MP7 is one of the best SMG ( submachine guns) in the game. Earlier in the past titles, the small SMG had very low appeal because of its high recoil. However, in Modern Warfare, the MP7 has been refined to make it best among other SMGs. When it comes to targeting your enemy with the highest speed and from maximum distances, professionals at suggest using aimbot hacks. With aimbot hack, you will be able to control your recoil

725 Shotgun

The 725 Shotgun, as the most popular gun from the beginning, has the capability to down the opponent from nearly any distance. This gun has only two round capacity, but can be a devastating weapon in the game.

Ram 7

Although the RAM-7 gun has the highest fire and damage rate, it does have few pitfalls when it comes to its accuracy level. So if you choose this gun, we suggest you add attachments to increase its accuracy, stability and range. With a good precision, this gun can be a beast in the game. Even if you are a regular COD player, unlocking this gun is easier. M4A1 and Ram7 have a lot of similarities, either of them can be good options.


It is one of the best warzone sniper rifles in Call of duty Modern Warfare. When aiming head spot with precision, AX-50 is the best and has the potential to down the opponent with one shot. The players can unlock this weapon at level 37.

The above list covers all the best guns you should choose in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. However, your choice of weapons should also compliment your tailored needs and requirements. This is because every player might have different styles and strategies to manage their way into the game.


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