e-dheba SuperApp began new grocery ordering service

e-dheba SuperApp, a digital app provides a variety of on-demand services onto a single platform. It is easy to use and even easy to order with. We all are familiar with the current critical situation due to COVID-19. Because of lockdown, we cannot go outside even to buy necessary groceries. To be safe we have to maintain social distancing. In such a situation, e-dheba is the best digital app with which you can get your deliveries outside your door.

There are several digital apps available in Nepal. Among those all, some have also started home deliveries. But with e-dheba, you can get all those facilities in a single app. You can make remittance, payments, savings and credits, and others. This is the main reason why it is called a super app. Once you download e-dheba on your phone, no other digital app will be required anymore.

For making an easier lifestyle during the lockdown, e-dheba comes with new amazing services. Now you can order your grocery, vegetables, and other required materials easily from this super app. For now, this service is only available within the Kathmandu Valley. Let’s hope the app makes this service available within the whole country.

For now, the app is ordering goods from Kathmandu Organics and Khannpin. But it is not limited to that, soon it will make other service providers available from where you can order your goods and grocery.

Available services in e-dheba

At present, e-dheba is mainly offering 5 types of services and they are:

1. Saving and Credit

Regarding saving and credit services, e-dheba offers services from its sister organization “Imperial Saving and Credit Cooperative Limited”. Also, on the collaboration with its partner organization “Citizen Bank International Ltd”, it helps to purchase various groceries in instalment and from saving accounts.

2. Remittance

In collaboration with its sister organization, “Lalit Money Transfer Pvt. Ltd.”, it receives remittances from European countries.

3. Payments

Since it is facilitating online payment for 6 years, it makes your payments easier and faster. Through e-dheba you can make online payments for mobile, internet, telephone, television, electricity, school, air service, water, bus, and others

4. Super service

Through its super service, you can book taxis and two-wheelers for your travelling. We can order food from various restaurants and hotels. Besides this, the app offers 50 more services like plumbing, carpentry, electrician, home-tuitions, and others.

5. Infotainment

Last but not least, through this e-dheba super app, you can also get different entertainment content like videos, quizzes, and others.

Well, e-dheba is an easier way to get your goods at your door especially in this lockdown. Besides online grocery shopping, you can get several other services within a single app. So download this app today, and make your lifestyle more convenient.

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