Getting Started With Python

Getting Started With Python

Getting Started With Python is going to be held on December 29th and 30th. It will be organized by the PUSET ICON CLUB.
The main aim of this event to update the knowledge about Python, to update the knowledge related to programming for both non-programmer and programmer, to boost confidence among participant by learning this programming language.
Guido van Rossum has developed Python programming language in 1991. This is a high-level, interpreted and general-purpose dynamic programming language that focuses on code readability. It helps the programmers to do coding in fewer steps as compared to Java or C++. It is widely used in bigger organizations because of its multiple programming paradigms. They usually involve imperative and object-oriented functional programming. It has a comprehensive and large standard library that has automatic memory management and dynamic features.
The software development companies prefer this language because of its versatile features and fewer programming codes. Nearly 14% of the programmers use it on the operating systems like UNIX, Linux, Windows and Mac OS.

This event will include all the activities:

  • In this event, the participant will learn python.
  • Participants will learn codings stuff assignments and many more
  • They will be given a workshop with internet connection for the duration of the event. They will be provided a theme and they have to present their project proposal based on the idea and finish the project within 2 days.

Event Details:

  • Venue: PUSET Campus, Biratnagar
  • Time:11 AM to 3 PM
  • Date:2074/09/14 Friday and 2074/09/15 SaturdayThis event will be under the supervision of Mr.Siddhant Mandal, CEO of Binwary.
    Note: Google Crowdsource top Contributors certificate is to be distributed by poc of Google Crowdsource Community.