Imports of computers and spare parts increased by 153 percent

As per the report, in this fiscal year 2076/77, the imports of computers and their parts have been increases. In the first nine months, the import of computers and their spare parts increased by around Rs 1.5 Billion. According to the data of the first nine months of the current fiscal year, the computer and its parts have been among the major items that will have high growth in imports.

Nepal Rastra Bank releases the report of the data of nine months of the Fiscal Year 2076/77. In that report, the bank declares that the imports of computers and spare parts collect around Rs 1.5 Billion from different countries.

By comparing the import rate of 9 months, NRB projected to import computers and spare parts worth Rs 3.81 billion in the remaining month of the current fiscal year. When you see the imports report of previous years, it is increased by 153% which is really huge, isn’t it? In the Fiscal year 2076/77, such growth rate was 14.89%. It is said that most of the imports of computers and parts came from third countries except India and China.

Import of telecommunication equipment

Similarly, telecommunication equipment and its spare parts also come under major imports list. In the first nine months, Nepal has imported around Rs. 17.90 billion of telecommunication equipment. Despite being on the list of major imports, its imports still declined by about 11%. Since the imports were above Rs. 20.06 billion in the previous year.

Most of the telecommunication equipment is mostly imported from China. According to the statistics, more than Rs 17.35 billion worth of goods were imported from China. The main reason behind this decline is a coronavirus. From the last few months, everyone suffering the bad impacts of COVID-19 which was arisen from China.

Other devices

Similarly, Cameras are also a major factor in other electronics imported from China. In this 9 months, Cameras worth Rs 491.6 million have been imported. Moreover, televisions and their parts are among the major imports from China.