NxtGen is plotting to organize “Online SDG Youth Action Forum” to be held on 23rd May

The NxtGen, an organization of Pulchowk campus, is going to organize a webinar named “Online SDG Youth Action Forum” an interactive presentation and discussion session facilitated by a UN Field SDG Advocate.

About Webinar

The webinar is a one and half hour program being curated by NxtGen committee members. The number of audiences is expected to be from 100 different countries. The goal of the session is to educate the participants about SDGs and about challenges in achieving them.

What is the Online SDG Youth Action?

“Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”, are agendas comprising 17 goals, 169 targets, and 232 indicators that aim to end poverty, promote economic growth, preserve the environment, uphold peace and justice, and establish partnerships by the year 2030. The United Nations has been consistently pushing for the localization of the Global Goals to the grassroots communities and mobilize. NxtGen supports the call of the United Nations in acting for the Sustainable Development Goals in our respective targeted communities. The Online SDG Youth Action Forum is designed to improve participation and network of the global youth community for attaining the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.


Mr. Mark Jacinto is our facilitator for the programme ‘Online SDG Youth Action Forum’. He is a Field SDG Advocate under MY World 2030, an initiative by the UN SDG Action Campaign, UNDP and the Overseas Development Institute with thousands of additional outreach partners from UN agencies and NGOs. Its major aim is to bring people’s voices into official debates about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Mark Jacinto

MY World 2030 continues on from the highly successful MY World 2015 project which gathered and channelled the voices of ten million people into the deliberations of what the Goals should be. He is a professional event planner in the Philippines. He will be sharing his insights and knowledge about SDGs, My World 2030 Agenda, and how youths can contribute towards its achievement.

Nigina Sodikova

 Ms Nigina Sodikova is our guest speaker for the event “Online SDG Youth Action Forum”.

Nigina Sodikova is a United Nations Volunteer, Global Actions Ambassador, and Co-ordinator for the “Youths for SDGs” project, an online forum for youth around the globe to share their SDG commitments with the world. She is a member of the UN Youth Advisory Board including an SDG Reporter in Uzbekistan plus she is working as a National Consultant of UNDP Uzbekistan. Sodikova will be sharing her experience towards achieving SDGs being a young person. Furthermore, Sodikova will put insights on how to achieve SDGs, having no financial support individually and globally.

About NxtGen

NxtGen is a unified, nonprofit campus organization formed by the students from the IOE Pulchowk Campus. It was established to enrich the learning experience of students also strengthen their entrepreneurial journey.

NxtGen organizes international level events where students will participate and learn from experts around the world. NxtGen aims to develop their creative potential and help them turn their ideas into viable businesses. Within 3 months, NxtGen has developed from a small campus organization to a growing attraction among change-makers and youth leaders in the global community.

Past Events

(i) Entrepreneurship Talk Series

‘Entrepreneurship Talk Series’ was a talk programme designed to help students interact with startup founders to gain valuable insights into turning their ideas into reality. The talk programme was hosted on 18th February 2020. The program was attended by nearly 250 individuals. The programme consisted of presentations by the speakers followed by a panel discussion aimed at addressing the most common challenges in entrepreneurship.

(ii) Pandemic Preparedness for Students

‘Pandemic Preparedness for Students’ webinar totally focused on preparing students for upcoming uncertain times due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The webinar was hosted on 27th April 2020. The webinar was attended by nearly 100 individuals. It was an interactive format where the questions of the audience were answered by the expert speakers.

Webinar Details

The event is scheduled to be hosted on 23rd May 2020 from 2:45 PM to 4:15 PM. Follow NxtGen on Facebook to get the latest updates from them about the event and future updates.