My candidacy will be to work on behalf of the youth through the CAN Federation: Patel

Niranjan Patel is one of the youngest candidates for the post of CA member adjacent to the election. Patel, who is preparing his nomination for the central member for the organization, is on the panel of Navraj Kunwar. He is the director of Top Nepal Internet Pvt. Ltd. as well as the Vice-Treasurer of NPCERT. Not only that, he is an active member of the cybersecurity research center Nepal, National ICT Club, and other community/forums.

Here are some questions which were asked on an interview to know about his viewpoints:

Why your candidacy at the CAN Federation?

The CAN is the only common organization in Nepal, where organizations, businessmen and intellectuals are working together in the field of information technology. It is a parent company of people working directly in the field of information technology. As I began to work in digital marketing, I used to closely monitor and participate in every program and activity of CAN. As a Digital Marketing Specialist, I am sharing my experience and knowledge in ICT and its near field. In Nepal, there is more requirement of experts in digital marketing, but only a few are available.

As a young digital marketing expert, I want to bring more experts like me with new fresh ideas. Other than that, I’m going to the CAN Federation as a representative of the youth. Through the organization, I am to raise voice in the shake of Nepali youth to the national level.

Previous, several members came to Cannes but still problems of the youth were not managed. My vision very much clear, I want to work for young people. I am going to represent myself on the CAN from the youth for creating opportunities for them as well for a friendly atmosphere in the IT field.

Why the Federation?

This organization has different membership systems. Representatives from different institutions, professionals and sectors can be affiliated with CAN. So, for me, this is the right platform to acquire digital marketing expertise. I will be conducting various seminars, workshops, and events through the CAN Federation to share my experience and knowledge. This organization can create effective channels for cooperation, dialogue and information exchange among young people.

The CAN Federation can play a decisive role in creating sufficient opportunities for young people in the information technology sector and managing their problems. In addition, it can play a direct role in coordinating with all three levels of government, developing and implementing timely policies for the development, expansion, and promotion of information technology across the country.

How are you working in the field of digital marketing?

I first learned about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when I was 8 years old. But, learning was not a platform. Later, I joined Top Nepal IT Solutions Company, where I met Sanjit Acharya and Krishna Bogati. From them, I have learned a lot about digital marketing and was inspired to do something in this area. Currently working at Top Nepal Internet Practices, I am also working for Digital Marketing and SEO in Tech Grow Pvt. Ltd. (Australia), Semchampian (USA) and various other organizations.

I am also a Digital Marketing Instructor. And, I am feeling proud that my students are doing well in their field. Some are working at well-known companies. Some have started their own business. Apart from this, I have also given lectures in various schools and colleges, which has helped the students to learn about digital marketing. In addition, I have been working in various social organizations and running various marketing campaigns.

What inspired you to become a Digital Marketing Specialist?

I was eager to learn something new. Digital marketing was also a new field. However, finding a platform to acquire digital marketing skills was difficult. After months of wandering, I finally did a digital marketing course. This made me think about making a career in this field. The business of digital marketing is growing in every field. Now digital marketing is a marketing strategy for every business. I have also started training in digital marketing along with my knowledge and plans to start sharing skills with others.