techWebinarNepal Series-13: All the details you need to know

techWebinarNepal is a webinar series hosted by Tech enthusiasts. This time they are coming up with Reactive Architecture in Angular, Progressive Web Apps, and Data Science.

Well, the techWebinarNepal guys seem to be very promising about the webinar and the webinar culture in Nepal. They bring very prolific topics on their webinar series. Here they are coming up with their 13th series with trending topics covered.

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Topics covered:

– Fast and Reliable Web Apps with PWA
Speaker: Laura Morinigo
Senior Software Developer, Google Developer Expert Samsung

Laura is a senior software developer, advocate, and mentor. Her enthusiasm for technology and communities made her recognized as a Google Developer Expert and a Woman Techmakers Ambassador. Currently, she is a web developer advocate for Samsung Internet where she contributes to spread the word about advanced web features, especially PWA, helping web developers to create great and more inclusive web apps

Gaining user engagement and retention can be hard sometimes especially if you are creating a multiplatform experience. Progressive Web Apps can help us into this journey bringing native-app like features into the browser. During this talk, we are gonna learn how a PWA is a way to reach different types of users considering facts like geo-location, performance, and hardware resources using Angular

– Reactive Architecture In Angular
Speaker: Michael Hladky
Google Developer Expert

Michael Hladky is a Google Certified Trainer (GDE) and consultant with a focus on Angular and RxJS. He helps companies and developers to set up scalable architectures and performant. processes which enable teams to keep up with state of the art development. He also organizes multiple community events and workshops during the year.

An Angular application is a reactive system. And that’s why we need to understand reactive programming to be productive with Angular. Reactive programming works with event streams and the state. And it can be divided into transparent and reified.

– Data Science
Speaker: Subham Ray
Community Manager
TutorialsLink, MSP India

Introduction to Microsoft Azure Notebooks
Data Science Introduction
Data Visualization using Matplotlib
What is the Microsoft Student Partner program
What is TutorialsLink community

The webinar is happening on Thursday, 27 February 2020 at 6:00 ON NPT to join the event go through this Webinar Broadcast Link:

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