Top five selection for ICT Award 2020

The selection process for the 2020 edition is tunnel under the ICT Award, a prestigious award in the field of information technology. Accordingly, the organizers have announced the best five of the four genres through a virtual program on November 20. This year, online nominations for the ICT Awards in 11 different categories were announced. In other categories, various stages of selection process is underway.

The 14-member jury selected the top five in the Startup ICT Award, Product ICT Award, Innovation Driven Crisis Response ICT Award and Rising Student ICT Award 2020 in the third round of selection process. More than 200 online applications were received in these four categories this year. Chief Jury Coordinator Hempal Shrestha said that the nomination for the ICT Award 2020 was very enthusiastic and the competition was high.
Among the top 5 successful startup companies under the Startup ICT Award 2020 are BizHub I.T. Services Pvt. Ltd., CryptoGen Nepal Pvt. Ltd., Genius Systems Pvt. Ltd., Jeeve Health Pvt. Ltd. and Nep Meds Pvt. Ltd.

Similarly, the nominated product have gone through the selection round and has been included in the top 5 under the ICT Award 2020.The Products include CPFDS, Fuse Classroom, Genius IPTV, Jeeve and Nyano nani.

Also among the top 5 innovations under the Innovation Driven Crisis Response ICT Award 2020 are Covid 19 Pneumonia Detection Using Deep Learning and Neural Network, GoCorona- Nurse Robot, Paaila Emergency Resuscitator, Sister Robot and Thermographic Camera.

The top five projects under the Rising Student ICT Award 2020 are 3D printing with recycled plastic, Baala : From Waste to Wealth, Sanchai Chhau, Smart Blind man Stick and Smart Ghar.

The nominees in the four different categories were shortlisted in the first round. A 14-member jury then selected the best 12. The top 12 participated in a virtual presentation and speed dating infront of the jury members. This year, speed dating was introduced through virtual media, which is probably a new use in Nepal. This year, there are good competitors in all disciplines and the selection process is also scientific and technology-friendly, said jury coordinator Shushil Pokharel. Pokharel said that the competitors who were not in the top five were equally successful and demanding.
Those who made it to the top five in four different categories will now have to participate in public voting. Chairman of the organizing committee Rajan Lamsal said that public voting will be conducted from Wednesday. This year, voting can be done through SMS, email and payment partner E-sewa.
According to the organizers, more than 350 online applications were received for the fifth edition of the ICT Awards 2020 for 11 categories. The jury committee has stated that the best 7 will be selected from the other 7 categories then the selection of the best 3 will be done. The grand finale of the ICT Awards 2020 will be held in December this year.
The ICT Award 2020 has the cooperation and support of Nepal Telecommunication Authority, NAST, NITC, Nepal Telecom, Genus Solutions, Phone Pay, E-sewa, Dish Home, Eminence Wage, Technorio, Sunvi Technologies and Idea Jar.

Here are the top 5 of the four categories under the ICT Award 2020:
Here are the top 5 companies selected under the Startup ICT Award 2020:

BizHub I.T. Service Pvt. Ltd.
CryptoGen Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
Genius Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Jeevee Health Pvt. Ltd.
Nep Meds Pvt. Ltd

Here are the top 5 products selected for the Product ICT Awards 2020.

“CPFDS” – AML & KYC Management System
Genius IPTV
Nyano Nani

Here are the top 5 innovations under the Innovation Driven Crisis Response ICT Award 2020:

Covid-19 Pneumonia Detection using Deep Learning and Neural Networks
GoCorona – Nurse Robot
Paaila Emergency Resuscitator
Sister Robot- Food and Medicine Carrying Robot
Thermographic camera for measuring fever

Here are the top 5 projects under the Rising Student ICT Award 2020:

3D printing with Recycled Plastic
Baala: From Waste to Wealth
Sanchai Chhau
Smart Blind man Stick
Smart Ghar