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Before entering into, what’s inside UG Bazaar’s newly launched application? Let us know what is Social commerce.

As stated on Wikipedia, “Social commerce is a subset of electronic commerce that involves social media, online media that supports social interaction, and user contributions to assist online buying and selling of products and services.”

After years of research and development, the app was launched today at 3 PM via a Zoom session convoyed by UG Bazaar.

How was UG born?

Urban Girl was established in 2012 with the vision to make a one-stop solution for all online shopping requirements. The company believed putting end consumers first and wants to create a buying and selling culture where customers have significant control over the actions that associate with the customer.

What is UG Cakes?

UG Cakes, which was initially registered in 2074 BS, and now a neighbourhood of Urban Girl Inc Pvt. Ltd., has been into Cake production and delivery since then. Contrary to how bakeries begin, UG Cakes began with two folks who had absolutely no idea of baking. UG Cakes is exclusive not only in terms of founding members but within the way the entire end-to-end processes are fully auto-governed by a system that serves everyone with required information enabling core business processes through it. UG Cakes could rather be one among the best in terms of process automation one can see within the bakery industry.

Recently, the two co-founders of Urban Girls Nikita Acharya and Kiran Timsina were awarded under Forbes 30 under 30: Asia 2020 in the Retail & Ecommerce category.

What is this UG Bazaar?

UG Bazaar seeks to disrupt the buying and selling of products and services in Nepal through extensive use of automation within the process and cutting any middle-agent required. It is a big vision, and definitely not a simple one. But the company seeks help and support of customers, inch by inch, and by developing features and modules one after another.

UG Bazaar with seven major modules:

Auction/Offer module

For the first time in Nepal, we have come up with a fully automated buying and selling system in the Auction System. Users can now buy and sell on this platform either as an auction (that allows bidding) or offer (that allows placing offers that can be accepted or rejected).

HR module

A platform for all businesses to list vacancies, check applications, shortlist candidates, schedule online/offline interviews, grade the interviewees, and finally choose a candidate through the grading system. The applications can apply online, check their application status, and receive updates via email and notification for any action that happens in their application.

Automobile Module

Automobile section where people can easily search, review, and compare the latest automobiles along with booking and test drive/ride request features. The users can also upload their gallery of automobiles if they want to.

Ecommerce Module

A full-fledged and dedicated seller dashboard for sellers to manage their inventory, monitor sales, add to sales activity, and at the same time sell on the platform. Users can search products on the website, see seller details and also visit the seller’s dedicated store page where the seller’s featured products and categories are shown with the dedicated search for the seller only. The users can follow sellers to receive notifications in the future regarding updates on the store.

Social Connections Module

A platform where users can connect and send friend requests as well as send gifts to the people they connect.

Quizzes and Contests

A platform where people can create their own quizzes and contests. The contest module allows video and photo contests where contestants can apply online and start participation automatically or either via manual approval (based on setting).


A platform where event organizers can list their events and sell tickets online and verify e-tickets (Currently completely postponed due to lockdown). The company pronounces UG Bazaar, a unique business model, and is a highly scalable business that can not only scale throughout Nepal but to global fronts. 

Comment what do you think about the UG Bazaar app? Have you tried it yet? If not download from here (link) and let us know your opinion.