Apple and Google Are Testing COVID Exposer Notification API

At present we are going through critical condition due to COVID-19. This pandemic has affected human lives very badly. People cannot meet their loved ones neither can do their work properly due to lockdown. In this situation, we have to maintain social distance with others and look forward to who is affected by the virus.

Apple and Google, the two most popular companies have decided to contribute their service to this pandemic. They have decided to work together and jointly working on the app. This app will alert people whether they have recently come into contact with COVID-19 infected person or not.

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A month earlier, Apple and Google have announced their partnership. But none of the two companies has discussed their upcoming work. After the outbreak of COVID-19, it is the first thing to control over. So taking their Partnership forward, they decided to work on the app for testing COVID exposer notification API.

In one of the joint statements, Google and Apple said,” Privacy, transparency, and consent are of utmost importance in this effort and we look forward to building this functionality in consultation with interested stakeholders.”

This will be Developer focused release. For this Google has released a beta version of Google Play with the seed SDK. It is shipped privately to select developers. Likewise, Apple has done the same thing through Xcode beta version 11.5 and the beta version of iOS 13.5.

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How does the app work?

The app uses Bluetooth technology for both iPhones and Android phones. It is developed in collaboration with Government and health agencies. They will keep your record and notify you whenever you met or come close with COVID-19 infected person.

The app will not record any GPS location or personal data. It will maintain privacy and transparency among its users.

The working of the app is held in two stages:

  1. First one is the APIs for iOS and Android phones
  2. And the second one is the integration of contact tracing tech within the phones

We hope this app will soon come with effective results. This will be very helpful to keep yourself and others protect from COVID-19. Let’s hope everything is normal soon and we can be back to our normal life.

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