GYAPU: Delivering Household Products to your Doorstep, Free Delivery, Reasonable Rates

GYAPU is the most rewarding online shopping platform led by Nepali Entrepreneurs to expand and flourish e-commerce industries in Nepal and across South East Asia.

E-commerce is flourishing as coronavirus controls keep factories, restaurants, cinemas, offices, and shops closed across Nepal. Shut-in Nepalese are relying on the internet for household items, food, entertainment, and shopping as delivery companies and E-commerce work overtime to meet demands.

Launched on 3rd, April to help people around Kathmandu Valley with the essential everyday household-products delivery to their Doorsteps with very reasonable prices on Products without taking any delivery charges from its Customers. The primary objective of GYAPU is to build the Nepali Global Brand and promote domestic Nepali products in Nepal and throughout the globe.

Now you do not need to fear and bother to go outside to purchase your household products. GYAPU is there to come to your door with products you would like to be delivered at your doorstep.

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In this hour of need, GYAPU is helping Nepalese to deal with nCOVID-19 in following ways:

  • – Essential Household Products 
  • – Vegetable & Fruits 
  • – Water
  • – Gas
  • – Fast Delivery within 24 Hours
  • – Free Delivery
  • – Reasonable Prices on Products
  • – Every Delivered Package will be Sanitized/Free from Virus
  • – Supporting Government Decision of Lock Down
  • – Stopping the Virus from Spreading

What are the Products you can Buy from GYAPU? 

We have following Categories of Products in Stocks that you can Order in get it Delivered at your doorstep within 24 Hours:

  • Kitchen Essential – (Rice, Pulse, Aata, Sugar, Salt, Oil, Papad)
  • Foods and Snacks – (Bhujiya, Biscuits, Choco, Sompapadi, Butterbite, Snacker,
  • Laundry & Clean Aid – (Detergent, Dettol Hand Wash, Colin, Harpic, Lizol floor cleaner)
  • Drink & Beverage – [(Rasna Orange, Pineapple, Mango, Lemon, Almond, Suntana Leechee, Guava, Mango), Rasna Honey]

Apart from this, we have Four Different Packages as well:

  1. Basic Pack – (Jeera Masino Rice, Musur Daal, Ata, Sunflower Oil, Digestive Biscuit)
  2. Silver Pack – (Jeera Masino Rice, Rahar Daal, Ata, Premio Lite Sunflower Oil, Haldigram Bhujiya)
  3. Gold Pack – (Basmati Rice, Premio Lite Refined Sunflower Oil, Chakki Atta, Butter Bite, Masoor Dal, Sunflower oil)
  4. Haldigram Pack – (Aloo Bujiya, Bhuiya Masala/Plain, Moong Dal, Rasgulla, Soampapadi)

You can now order Household Products from to get it delivered at your Doorstep the same day or maximum within 24 hours. You can purchase every product that one general household needs daily from Rice to Pulse to Sugar to all others. You will also be able to buy Clean Aid Products, Chocolates, Cakes, Coffee and more.

Stay Safe | Stay Home | Order Online | Get Delivered within 24 Hours

Happy Shopping at Cheapest Price!