Hisense E75, The First Gaming TV Released with 4K 120Hz Display

Hisense is a Chinese multinational major appliance and electronics manufacture. It manufactures white goods, televisions, set-top boxes, digital TV broadcasting equipment, laptops, mobile phones, wireless modules, wireless PC, optical components, and many other electronic devices. The company brings the best products for its customers and provides better deals.

Like always, Hisense again comes with an amazing product, Hisense E75. Hisense E75 is the first gaming TV which is released with a 55-inch and 6-inch variant screen along with a 4K 120Hz display. It uses VRR and 120Hz MEMC motion stabilization technology. As per the Hisense manufacturer, this TV has high picture quality which will not harm your eyes. It is stable and built with smooth frames. It fully supports the Tencent Cloud Games.

With its amazing features, it supports popular games such as NBA 2K Online and FIFA Online 4

While talking about its color feature, it uses wide color gamut technology to provide better color experience. Similarly, E75 has a full-dimensional AI image quality adjustment. Also, it has an automatic adjustment for brightness, contrast, and another picture indicator. It will changes according to ambient light, scene, content changes, contrast, and others.

Key Specifications

  • Built with 4 core CPU of CA73 and Mali G52 GPU
  • Supports Dobly MS12/DTS HD, and Dobly Virtual X
  • Packed with 3GB running memory
  • 64GB body storage
  • Supports 2.4G and 5G dual WiFi
  • Full support to Tencent Cloud Games
  • Supports games like NBA 2K Online and FIFA Online 4
  • Smooth picture and color quality


  • 55-inch Hisense E75: 4499 yuan ($634)
  • 65-inch Hisense E75: 5999 yuan ($846

If you make your pre-order by 20th May, you will get a discount. And the new price will be:

  • 55-inch Hisense E75: 3899 yuan ($550)
  • 65-inch Hisense E75: 5399 yuan ($761)

So hurry up and make your pre-order for this amazing gaming TV. I hope to see this soon in Nepal.