NxtGen is Organizing “Entrepreneurship Series – Level 1” on February 18 at Pulchowk Campus

NxtGen is a community of diverse and enthusiastic individuals who always work for student welfare. Several students are involved in this community from different sectors of their interest. Our community is built upon the support of students from different majors and fields of interest. The team members of NxtGen give their best to assist the students in their personal and career development.

NxtGen, in collaboration with its Strategy Partner, X-preneurs hub, announces a book giveaway for one of the luckiest members who register for the event. The book’s name is kept under a hidden shadow. Do register asap to get it into your bucket for totally free.

So by taking one step forward in the field of entrepreneurship, NxtGen is going to organize its series “Entrepreneurship Series – Level 1: Turning Ideas into Reality“. The main motive of this event is to raise the ideas of the student so that they can turn it into reality and can become a successful entrepreneur in their future. Besides this, they want to promote a student’s learning experience and develop industry-level skills in them.

Guess what “Entrepreneurship Talk Series – Level 1” is bringing most rated and admired successful entrepreneurs to the happening. Here are the personalities who will be joining in the event.

What is the entrepreneurship Series?

Entrepreneurship series is an event where a student can learn about the entrepreneur journey from its root level with the help of talk, shows and panel discussions. As this is series 1 with the title “From Innovation to Reality”, it means students can learn how to convert their creative ideas into reality smoothly. Here they will learn to make a real product for solving real-world problems with their innovative ideas. The excepted participants for this event is more than 500.

And this seems to be a great happening that you don’t want to regret not attending the event and register your entry. You can register from the given link and secure your seat.


Event Details

Venue: Library Hall, Pulchowk Engineering Campus

Time: 12:00 PM-05:00 PM

Date: February 18, 2020 (Tuesday)