No test for a driver’s license: Driving License Nepal

The Kathmandu Valley Transport Management Office has decided not to examine a new driver’s license immediately. Sambar Bahadur Karki, chief of the driver’s license office in Ekantakuna, said that no decision has been taken to open a new license immediately as the infection of COVID-19 is spreading in the Kathmandu Valley. Under normal circumstances, these offices were conducting examinations for new licenses, renewing them, and distributing licenses. The office has not examined for a new license since last April.

He said that it will not be opened immediately as there will be a large crowd of service seekers. He said, “Examination can be taken only after the situation becomes normal.” The office was closed till July after the government imposed a shutdown last April. The office had started the distribution and renewal of licenses last June. Until a decade ago, many offices were closed, so the office was very crowded due to the service seekers coming for leisure and renewal during their leisure time.

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He said that the pressure on service recipients has eased after Dashain-Tihar. According to him, many service recipients are interested in when to open the license. He said, “Some people call and some people come to the office and ask when the license will be opened.” As the state government is a subordinate office, the new license will be opened only after the decision of the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure of Bagmati State. Many driving training centres in the Kathmandu Valley are teaching the service recipients saying that the licenses will be opened soon. After Tihar, crowds of learners can be seen in many centres of the valley.