Prabhu Money Transfer got a threat from an anonymous hacker via Twitter

On April 8, we got to know about Vianet Data Breach which leaked more than one lakh seventy thousand users personal details on the dark web via Twitter posting some onion URL which was only accessible from a special type of browser such as Tor browser.

Today around 2:00 PM an anonymous user on Twitter, twitted a post stating, “Greeting, citizens of nepal and hello @Prabhu_Nepal  prabhu money transfer Nepal. Your banking and all other systems lacks security! We tried to aware you but you didn’t respond! @VianetFTTH fa,ced a databreach you could be next! If you don’t fix it we’ll show you a lil demo..8:00PM”

In the tweet, the anonymous user whose twitter id is @Cyber_hell_god (SATAN) stated with a greeting moving on threatening Prabhu Money Transfer, your banking and all other systems lack security. We tried to aware you but you didn’t respond. Likewise, the hacker mentioned @VianetFTTH faced a data breach and directed toward Prabhu Money Transfer could be next. If the issue is not fixed, yet we don’t know what the hacker is talking about… they might show demo tonight 8:00 PM.

The anonymous user, the so-called hacker who is threatening Prabhu Money Transfer also posted 10,000 crypto users email and password on twitter.

Here we came up with a question, is the person behind @Cyber_hell_god and @Paapi_kto_mah are the same? Or they belong to the same group which was started from the beginning by @Mr_mugger on March 7th, Saturday Night dumping Foodmandu’s, 50,000 leaks online on GitHub.

The anonymous hacker also re-twitted a tweet of Prabhu Money Transfer from Oct 19, 2016, that revealed winners data publicly of some lucky draw contest that was organized by PMT back then.

Let’s see what @Cyber_hell_god is up to and what he wants to do with Prabhu Money Transfer. Meanwhile, we will inform Prabhu Money Transfer about the situation. But, according to a tweet by @Cyber_hell_god, mentioned by the so-called anonymous hacker already warns Prabhu Money Transfer and if it’s not fixed, they will be showing demo today at 8:00 PM.

The situation becomes damn serious plus raising a big question mark for the Nepali tech industry. Are we not ready for this type of threat? Or we are vulnerable? Share your thoughts below.


Prabhu Money Transfer Nepal deleted their tweet from Oct 16, 2016, where they showed many participants details on the list regarding some lucky draw contest.

Prabhu Money Transfer Leaked

Prabhu Money Transfer data has been leaked by hacker @Satan_cyber_god previously know @Cyber_hell_god. A total of 406 accounts are compromised as of now. The data includes IP Addresses, Email ID, Name and Phone Number. The leaked data also contains dummy data. According to @Satan_cyber_god, this is not a data breach. Also we are not sure about the data whether it is verified or not. We are trying to contact the officials of Prabhu Money Transfer to know more about the current situation.

Momentarily, things are becoming more interesting now. The hacker @Satan_cyber_god is now after opposition political party @Nepali_congress of Nepal. Specifying to secure their data including all the donations and other information. In a challenging tone the hacker tweeted, don’t weaken your citizens also don’t make us do it again. Ending with justice will now be served now.