Recent data breaches in Nepal strike phishing scam

On March 7, Saturday night Foodmandu suffered a data breach with over fifty thousand user records stolen from the food delivery company posted to a GitHub repository via Twitter.

Latterly, On April 8, Vianet Communications Nepal’s leading Internet Service Provider also suffered data breach with over one lakh seventy thousand plus user records stolen from the company posted to the dark web via Twitter.

Meanwhile, due to the current incident of Viber phishing in Nepal, Vianet Communications is sending messages to their consumers about the cyber incident notice warning users not to respond to unknown calls/SMS/Viber activation messages or links.

Consequently, the style is typical in both the criminals; they are using twitter to inform and flow the information. Though, the user id of both the criminal’s was different.

Foremost, if your information is leaked on both or any of these breaches, then you can follow these steps:

Scam alert: You may get calls from a foreign country or get SMS where there will be a link that will need a browser to open, including asking for OTP to authenticate the account and opening a QR scanner abruptly.

Viber unwanted otp phishing nepal
Screenshot shared by Anil Pawn on Facebook


  1. Get proof of whether your information was exposed.
  2. Change and strengthen your online logins, passwords, and security Q&As.
  3. Stay alert; monitor your accounts closely.
  4. If your data was leaked on the mentioned incidents, you might also get calls from numbers like +33XXXXXXXXXX. Please be aware and don’t answer the call.
  5. For Viber users:

If you are a Viber user and getting unwanted OPT or SMS with links that you have not requested. The first thing is that you don’t have to PANIC!

Delete your Viber data if you think that you are compromised.

You can delete your data from our servers at any time, and remain a Viber user.

Please Note:

Deleted data can’t be restored to your Viber account

Ways to Delete your data

  1.  Open the more screen and tap on Settings 
  2. Tap on Privacy 
  3. Open your Personal data

4. Select Delete your data 

5. Follow the instructions on the following screens to delete your data

You will receive confirmation that your data has successfully been deleted.

Can’t see the delete data option?

You may not have a version of the Viber app that supports this feature. Either update your Viber app or contact Support.

What will be deleted?

You can delete your data and continue using the app as before.

Before you start deleting your data, make sure you have the latest version of Viber for Desktop. If you don’t, your data on your desktop won’t be deleted.

The following will be deleted (and more):

  • Your username and photo
  • Information you have added to your account on the app
  •  Any information received from social networks. Your accounts will now be delinked from the Viber app.
  • Certain information Viber have collected from your Viber usage
  • Your Viber Out plans and credit
  • Your age will be deleted, but for legal reasons, Viber will keep a record of whether you are older than 16 years of age

Please note:

Deleting your data only deletes your historical information, it will not delete any future information you put back on the app.

For legal reasons, Viber can’t delete any billing data from our systems. Examples of what won’t be deleted:

  • Your phone number
  • Your Viber call and chat logs
  • Viber Out billing data
  • Sticker Market purchase data

Please note:

Viber doesn’t keep any message content or recording of calls on our servers.

Source: The process to delete Viber data/image is taken from the official site of Viber for awareness purposes.