Sikai Chautari’s domain is mistakenly taken from a private company portal without user consent: Allegations by eLearning Pvt. Ltd.

eLearning Pvt. Ltd., registered at the office of Company Registrar on 20 February 2014, (2070-11-8) located at Kathmandu-5. The company has been providing educational services using technology since its establishment. The company’s official domain was registered on 24 March 2014 at Mercantile Corporation, the official ‘.np’ domain registrar as shared on the Facebook wall by the company.

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They had developed several Learning Management Systems for their client organizations which run as sub-domains under their official domain which tend to be was On 13 March 2020, they were communicated by one of their clients that they cannot access their system, a sub-domain under since a day before (12 March).

eLearning Pvt. Ltd. Company Registration

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While investigating the issue, the company came to know that the name server of their official domain was modified without their consent.

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The company immediately tried to contact Mercantile corporation about the problem. Later, they received an email reply from Mercantile at 5 PM, stating that they have not changed the domain, and they should send them an authorized letter if there is any problem. However, after receiving their message when they tried to access the domain new website opened which was Sikai Chautari: E-learning portal by Nepal Government, Study Materials from class 1 to 10. The official domain of Sikai Chautari is


The company strongly condemn this malpractice and seek for justice. This act of Mercantile and respective government sector arises a question about user rights and user consent. Though, Sikai Chautari is a positive program launched by the government recently. But, hampering a company and their property without their consent is not admissible. I hope the respective ministry will look upon this issue.

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